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People asked me
When will this insolence last
You, and Me
One time, my dear
Once upon a time

Story Edit

Chasing one another, the koi fish continuously swim in a circle, creating a small whirlpool. The golden beam from the west reflecting the remaining droplets on the bamboo when Dewi steps on the wooden bridge. Well-known as a successful midwife, you will notice that almost every mother in the village was aided by her.

Her long tied dark brown hair embellish the russet-colored face she has, and you can clearly see her midnight blue eyes represent the calm and soft character from her. Maybe you know Katara, the legendary woman from the South who had lived along with the newly-found Avatar, Aang, many years ago. She really looks like the waterbending legend, but mostly people think that she is a non-bender. She was.

On the every misty morning, you will see the pale cloth waving as the wind blows, and lost it on a sight.