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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Zaheer infiltrated Zaofu and attempted to kidnap the Avatar. After a harrowing battle, she was saved and discovered a shocking truth: Aiwei, Su's trusted adviser, has been working with Zaheer. This truth seer turned traitor managed to escape but Su tasks Team Avatar of tracking him down. Now the hunted becomes the hunter as Korra searches for answers.
The scene starts in a building in the midst of the dessert, with an Earth Kingdom airship which is ordered to take Korra and Asami. The ship crews head to the airship along with the locked-down Korra and Asami.
Korra [Locked up.] You have to let me out! The Earth Queen is in danger from a group of terrorists calling themselves the Red Lotus. I talked to one of them in the Spirit World yesterday. He is insane!
Ship captain Screaming about terrorist in the Spirit World? You're the one insane. [Walks inside.]
The engine is on, and the airship begins to fly. The scene cuts to Korra being locked in a cell with Asami. After finished with Korra, the crew locked Asami on the floor.
Asami Do I have to be chained to the floor the whole way? It's going to be uncomfortable.
Ship crew [Chains Asami.] Sorry Ma'am, I'm under orders.
Asami Can't you just chain me to that railing? [Looks at the railing on the wall.] I mean, there might gonna go! [The ship crew glances on Asami.] Please?
Ship crew Well, it's long as you're chained up by. It doesn't make you any differences. [Chains Asami by the railing.]
Asami Thank you, Sir.
Korra Can I have ... some water?
Ship crew No water. Or also don't ask me to bring rock or fire, don't ask. I guess there's air, but those nothing we can do about that. We're not opening your compartment until we reach Ba Sing Se. [Walks off camera.]
Korra I hope Mako or Bolin would soon save us by now. I wonder if they're okay.
Cuts to the Red Lotus's jeep with Zaheer and P'Li in front, and Mako with Bolin tied up, guarded by Ming-Hua and Ghazan.
Mako If you think calling us [...] against the Avatar? You gonna be very disappointed.
Ming-Hua Can't we just enjoy our time together in silence?
Mako And why did you need Korra alive back in Zhaofu? You had her paralyzed. Why didn't you just take her out when you had a chance?
Ghazan Look, what you need to know is that the world is about to change for the better.
Bolin You guys were like locked up for fifteen years, huh? Then it must be like a crazy [...]?
Ghazan Actually, it's only thirteen years. But it felt like thirty.
Bolin I mean, what did you do with all that time? Did you sing songs? [..]
Cut to credits.

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